Why Warriors welcomes Wayne


WayneMunster with Alyawarra men Arlparra (Utopia).


Wayne Munster joins Why Warriors AHED team as General Manager.

This has been a very important step for us as it allows both Richard and Timothy Trudgen to concentrate on work at the coalface with Yolŋu people. Timothy will still be the leading Enterprise Facilitator in our non-profit AHED project while Richard is moving back into training with Yolŋu both face-to-face workshops and on Yolŋu Radio.

Wayne has a Masters Degree in Training & Development from the University of New England and spent 4 years as the State Director Training and Development for the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council from 2007 – 2011. He is also the current Managing Director of  Percipio Consulting Pty, and he specialises in embedding organisation cross-cultural competency and building workplace culture.

He has been involved with policy development, strategic planning for government and private sectors, design and delivery of accredited and non-accredited training, capacity building of individuals and organisations; and governance diagnostics and advice to corporations, companies and not for profits.

Welcome aboard Wayne.

About Richard Trudgen

Born in Orange NSW and trained as a fitter and turner, Richard went to Arnhem Land in 1973 for one year voluntary work. He stayed 37 years, learnt language and trained in community development work. He wrote “Why Warriors Lie Down and Die” in 2000 and established Yolŋu Radio in 2003. He was CEO of Aboriginal Resource and Development Services (ARDS) Inc for 10 years, and during this time developed discovery education methodology. He runs ‘Bridging the Gap’ seminars and training workshops, and speaks at conferences and events. Richard wants to build an e-learning school for Yolŋu people using both their own language and English so Yolŋu children/adults have an easily accessible schooling system that works for them. He is currently writing his next book “When a New World Drops in on You”.